Just a few kilometres away lies a place just waiting to be explored

San Lorenzo Dorsino is situated in the western part of Trentino. It is included on the list of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy and is the perfect place for walks and short excursions. From the centre you can get to Val d’Ambiez on foot or by using the shuttle jeep service.


3 km – The Family Chalet

Large hotels have outbuildings? We have a chalet! This is our way of pampering you and making you feel even more like one of the family. If you wish, you can plan an excursion here with us. It’s not far and, time permitting, we will be more than happy to accompany you.


4 km – Lake Nembia

The Nembia Oasis and its quaint lake are situated between San Lorenzo Dorsino and Molveno, at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites. The perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon or a day out fishing.


5 km – Lake Molveno

Let yourselves be mesmerised by the green and blue hues of its waters, which flow here directly from the summit of the Brenta Dolomites and the slopes of the Paganella. Lake Molveno is so clean and clear that it once again earned the “five sails” award from Legambiente (the Italian environmentalist association) this year.


7 km – Comano Thermal Spa

The thermal waters of Comano are celebrated for curing skin irritations and respiratory problems. They flow at a constant temperature of 27°C and are rich in bicarbonates, calcium, magnesium and fluoride.


15 km – Andalo

Feeling sporty? Whether it’s summer or winter, Andalo has plenty to offer all those who love the mountains: routes for mountain bikes and trekking, a large park with a sports centre and a 50 kilometres of ski slopes at the Skiarea Paganella.


The Fossil Cemetery

In the magnificent Val d’Ambiez, on the route that connects the Rifugio al Cacciatore and Rifugio Agostini mountain cabins, you may wish to visit the Fossil Cemetery, with its fascinating insight into this region’s past. Just think that this is where the Swiss Mountain Pine grows, the very same that we use to prepare our miraculous cough syrup!


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